CATTO: Introduction to Drawing (Ages 9 - 13)

02/01/2024 04:00 PM - 02/29/2024 06:00 PM MT


Youth Class


  • $125.00


Join us in an immersive introductory drawing workshop led by lifelong Valley resident and portrait artist, Sophie Catto. Young creatives will not only learn the fundamentals of drawing but also have the opportunity to exercise their growing imaginations in new and technically challenging ways. During this immersive experience, budding artists will hone their observational skills, mastering the shape, form, gesture, and negative space in three dimensions, and then convincingly translating them into 2D compositions. The curriculum covers all the bases, including color theory, light and shadow, foreshortening, and the basics of human anatomy. Engaging exercises are woven into the program to enhance sketching and line work processes. Additionally, participants will also discover the value of constructive criticism, learning how to give and receive feedback compassionately and effectively. 

This five-week afterschool program not only offers a fun workshop but also initiates the creation of a professional portfolio. This portfolio will serve as a tangible basis for the young artist's creative journey, and can thus serve as a stepping stone into creative careers. Whether your young artist is a beginner or already has some experience, this program caters to a passion for technical or realistic drawing. The ultimate goal is to equip our young artists with the toolkit they need to blossom in any creative and technical career. 

Scholarships are available; please email to inquire.